Thursday, June 07, 2012

Pool Play

This "Spring" has brought some wonderfully hot afternoons in which pool play seemed only to be a natural conclusion. So a few weeks ago on one such hot day we busted out the old pool from last year, borrowed a pump from a friend (thanks, Lydia) because of course we couldn't find ours on that day, and "filled her up" for post-nap jubilation. Now by "we" I am referring to Matt in this case doing all the hard work because I was working on another project that day of the sewing origin.

So here's some fun in the sun pool pics I have to share of our frolicking delights.

 Daddy spoiling our girls with a mix of freezing hose water and boiling water from the stove. 

 Water play: good. =)

 Frolic away...

 "Oh! It's so cold!"

 Play, play, play.

 Taking serious safety precautions here. ;)

 Dump and fill, dump and fill.

 Never mind our recycling bin propping up part of the deflating pool. hehe.
[Guess we'll have to spend an other whoppin' $18 on a new one this year (dramatic sigh)].

And what better than Popsicles in the pool on a hot afternoon. =)

We had a great time. Thanks for sharing in the joy with us.
And by all means, next time come play with us! =)

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